We understand how investors think and act. In short, we get investors.

Investors are busy and have short attention spans.  Multiple opportunities compete for their limited time.  To attract them, you must instantly make them curious, and then quickly convert their curiosity to real interest.  Once interested, they will give you five to ten minutes to show that their interest was justified, and that they should invest in you and your company.

Our expertise helps ensure that you don’t squander this precious time, but instead generate the excitement and investment you deserve.  Whether you are seeking new investment capital or increased open market buying of your share Read more  »

Our Process

A thorough understanding of each client is foundational to the StreetContent production process. Before creating any form of content – such as a research report, a corporate overview, a PowerPoint presentation, a business plan, or a financial model – our industry experts first develop a thorough understanding of your company and its operating environment. We then produce the content you and your team need to be most effective in achieving your funding and investor outreach goals. Read more »

Our Content

Historically, our core product has been CFA-authored research reports, informational reports, and Bird’s Eye overview reports, which we have been publishing under the Harbinger Research brand since 2005.  With the launch of StreetContent in early 2013, we have expanded our offering to include stand-alone financial models, business plans, PowerPoint presentations, investor video, and motion graphics. Read more »

Our Distribution

In addition to leveraging the efforts of your internal and external team, we distribute Harbinger Research content via email to our opt-in investor database, and on the Harbinger Research website.

We also make our content available on various websites and platforms, including Thomson-Reuters. Read more »